eil Zevnik has been a passionate, some might say obsessive, collector of vintage costume jewelry for over thirty-five years. His collection ranges from 1840 to 1970, from haute couture to yard sale, from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between.

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Neil Zevnik’s offerings span a century and a half of this particularly evocative form of decorative art. From a delicate 1830s Georgian painted-ruby collar to a bold 1980s Yves St. Laurent Mabe pearl bracelet, his treasures offer a revealing portrait of ever-changing societies and the intimate lives within. Many periods are to be discovered here – Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Forties, Mid-Century, and the riotous Sixties, with a nod to the designers who followed. Here you’ll find a who’s who of superb names, some familiar, some wonderfully obscure: Haskell, Schiaparelli, Eisenberg, Joseff of Hollywood, YSL, Panetta and Pennino, Vogue and Vendome, Ciner and Cini, Mazer Bros. and McClelland Barclay, Hollycraft and Hattie Carnegie; Nina Ricci Paris, Dominique Aurientis, Marcel Boucher, DeLizza & Elster Juliana, and Alfred Philippe for Trifari. And of course, so many glorious creations whose artisans are unknown but whose work has delighted multiple generations. Neil is passionate about his vintage treasures, and is delighted to share that passion with his clients.

from the Los Angeles Times profile | April 2013

“There’s a magpie side of me,” Zevnik says. “I’m entranced by things that sparkle.”


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The stories behind the jools

A feature exclusive to the web site: Neil shares the stories behind some of the unique finds in his collection.

An Elusive French Designer….

This Roger Edet of Paris Modernist gold-washed heavy link bracelet in a geometric architectural design is from the 1940s. It is clearly a hand-wrought creation by a master of metalwork and Moderne design; it articulates beautifully and exhibits a strong presence.

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